The Sun will come out tomorrow..

As I sit at my desk watching snow accumulate on the trees I am once again amazed by the winter weather we have been experiencing this year. It seems as though the world at large is experiencing a volatile climate referring to both weather and the economy. As unpredictable as both the weather and our economy seems these days, I feel as though there is only one thing we can be sure of, the sun will come out tomorrow.

In Asheville we are nationally known for many things, outdoor recreation, beer, music and the arts. After researching local alternative energy businesses I have come to find that for a city of 80,000+ we have large number of companies that realize the suns potential. The solar business is one thing that makes a lot of sense to me. The sun is most renewable resource we have and according to many theories it is only gaining strength. Solar power is only one part of the green housing movement however,I believe that solar energy will be a major player in future generations way of life. That being said there are many companies here in Asheville doing their part to encourage a movement away from nonrenewable energy sources to solar and other renewable energy.

Vanir Energy of Fletcher is making a bold move by launching the worlds largest solar heating and cooling project. The technology they use and systems they represent are amazing and I would expect to see more of this technology used in high density residential and commercial construction in the years ahead.

FLS Energy /First Light Solar of Asheville is making headlines everywhere you turn in Asheville. They recently made news with the largest solar array in the region going online, their direct connection to local neighborhoods and to ongoing community support. FLS Energy is proving that business can thrive by doing the right thing.

Sundance Power Systems has been providing solar options for 14 years in the Asheville area. The company has installed over a thousand systems in the area and offers a multitude of services for residential, commercial and municipal applications. They also work with Micro Hydro and Wind Power systems and over the years they have grown to be one of the largest renewable energy firms in the Southeast.

Solar Plus Green is the main supplier of Evacuated Tube Solar Collector to the Western North Carolina area. While this system comes at a slightly higher cost the system does seem to have certain advantages over flat plate collectors.

There are a number of smaller companies that work mainly with installation and maintenance such as Thermacraft, Sun Stuff Energy, Si Envirotec, and Solar Dynamics. So as you can see much like our extensive options we have trails, bike shops, and local beer Asheville also provides it's residence with a multitude of alternative energy options as well.

When you consider the unique financing options for a solar system offered by many of the companies listed above and the 65% tax credit (30% national, 35% state) a solar system can add value to your property, reduce your monthly expenses and your carbon footprint very easily if you are building a new home or considering upgrading your current home.

Yes, even with the cold days we have been experiencing in Asheville the sun shines down and give us it's energy to heat our water and create power. Now if it can just warm up so I can start working on my tan.

Justin Mitchell

Ecohouse / Dwell Realty