Asheville. A different kind of Community.

Consider this blog an evolving website for information centered on living green in a town that I know and love. This town offers many different things to many different types of people and I believe that it can be what ever it wants to be. Towns such as Asheville are in many ways are what we make of them and what we focus on.

I tend to see the positive aspects that encourage a richer and more connected sense of community in this town. I see it as a personal goal to encourage a community rather it be geographical, extracurricular, business or natural. Community is very important in a town the size of Asheville. It is possible to achieve and see results for even small actions however, it is also large enough to lose connections that once were due to an influx of citizens from across the nation and an ever changing environment around us. Whether or not you agree with the changes that have occurred or the influx of new Ashevillians one thing is certain.

That we must seek to deal with the change in a way that both protects the natural community and encourages smart growth patterns.

I have ideas and I do things differently than a lot of people. Considering the status quo, I believe different is something that is not only good but something we should all consider in our everyday decisions.

I look forward to sharing aspects of life that are unique to my business and my way of life in hopes that I can leave a place a little better than I found it and encourage other people to do the same.

Thanks for listening.

Justin Mitchell

Dwell / Ecohouse Realty